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The Hobbit
by Jrr Tolkien

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The Neverending Story
by Michael Ende

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The NeverEnding Story was my first experience of "The book is so much better than the film" and it REALLY, REALLY is.

The Hobbit
by Jr

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The book is interesting

Fast Metabolism Food Rx
by Haley Pomroy

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Realistic and Great resource!

Mr Marty Loves A Party
by Dan Gutman Books For Kids

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This book was really funny...I am definitely going to now eat 4

Tumbledown Manor
by Helen Brown

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a year in the life of a strong, confident Australian woman

The Hobbit
by Jrr Tolkien

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It is very old timey but it was good

The Penguin And The Pea
by Janet Perlman

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The book was about finding the real Penguin Princess. So to figure that out all the Penguins kept the pea under the pillow of the girl who said she is the princess.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

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i really liekdt his book

Adventures in Cartooning
by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Fr

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The book is about a knight an elf and a horse. At the beginning of the book a princess was having trouble writing a comic. The princess was having a hard time and when she was having a hard time an elf appeared. Once he appeared he said ‘’do you know how to draw rocks, trees, and bushes”. After that she said ‘’yes’’. Then he snapped his fingers and the princess was a knight. When the princess was a knight she wanted to slay a dragon. On the way to find a dragon she saw a huge wall. When the elf saw it he said ‘’we have to climb the wall”. When she passed the wall she saw someone taking vegetables and they said “we were once knights and we got cursed from a dragon in that cave and in order to uncurse us you have to get tears from the dragon”. So she got the tears from the dragon and slayed it. I like the part when the vegetables were taken. I don’t like the part when she had to climb the wall. I would not change the part when she slayed the dragon. I like this book because I NEVER reported a comic book before!

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